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Upgrading from v0.5 to v0.6

Warning: If you are upgrading from a release older than v0.5, please read the Upgrading from older versions using Helm note at the bottom of this document!

The upgrade process from v0.5 to v0.6 should be fairly seamless for most users. As part of the new release, we have changed how we ship the CustomResourceDefinition resources that cert-manager needs in order to operate (as well as introducing two new CRD types).

Depending on the way you have installed cert-manager in the past, your upgrade process will slightly vary:

Upgrading with the Helm chart

If you have previously deployed cert-manager v0.5 using the Helm installation method, you will now need to perform one extra step before upgrading.

Due to issues with the way Helm handles CRD resources in Helm charts, we have now moved the installation of these resources into a separate YAML manifest that must be installed with kubectl apply before upgrading the chart.

You can follow the regular upgrade guide as usual in order to upgrade from v0.5 to v0.6.

Upgrading with static manifests

The static manifests have moved into the deploy/manifests directory for this release.

We now also no longer ship different manifests for different configurations, in favor of a single cert-manager.yaml file which should work for all Kubernetes clusters from Kubernetes v1.9 onward.

You can follow the regular upgrade guide as usual in order to upgrade from v0.5 to v0.6.

Upgrading from older versions using Helm

If you are upgrading from a version older than v0.5 and have installed with Helm, you will need to perform a fresh installation of cert-manager due to issues with the Helm upgrade process. This will involve the removal of all cert-manager custom resources. This will not delete the Secret resources being used by your apps.

Before upgrading you will need to:

  1. Read and follow the backup guide to create a backup of your configuration.

  2. Delete the existing cert-manager Helm release (replacing 'cert-manager' with the name of your Helm release):

Uninstall the Helm chart.

$ helm delete --purge cert-manager

Ensure the cert-manager CustomResourceDefinition resources do not exist:

$ kubectl delete crd \ \ \
  1. Perform a fresh install (as per the installation guide

Install the cert-manager CRDs

$ kubectl apply \

Update helm repository cache

$ helm repo update

Install cert-manager

$ helm install \
--name cert-manager \
--namespace cert-manager \
--version v0.6.6 \
  1. Follow the steps in the restore guide to restore your configuration.

  2. Verify that your Issuers and Certificate resources are 'Ready':

$ kubectl get clusterissuer,issuer,certificates --all-namespaces
cert-manager cert-manager-webhook-ca True cert-manager-webhook-ca 1m
cert-manager cert-manager-webhook-webhook-tls True cert-manager-webhook-webhook-tls 1m
example-com example-com-tls True example-com-tls 11s