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Installing cert-manager csi-driver

Installation Steps

You must have a working installation of cert-manager present on your cluster and be running at least Kubernetes v1.19.

Instructions on how to install cert-manager can be found on this website.

To install csi-driver, use helm:

helm repo add jetstack --force-update
helm upgrade cert-manager-csi-driver jetstack/cert-manager-csi-driver \
--install \
--namespace cert-manager \

You can verify the installation has completed correctly by checking the presence of the CSIDriver resource as well as a CSINode resource present for each node, referencing

$ kubectl get csidrivers
NAME CREATED AT 2019-09-06T16:55:19Z
$ kubectl get csinodes -o yaml
apiVersion: v1
- apiVersion:
kind: CSINode
name: kind-control-plane
- apiVersion: v1
kind: Node
name: kind-control-plane
- name:
nodeID: kind-control-plane
topologyKeys: null


📖 Read the csi-driver docs.