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Developing with Kind

Kind allows you to provision Kubernetes clusters locally using nested Docker containers, with no requirement for virtual machines.

These clusters are quick to create and destroy, and are useful for simple testing for development. cert-manager also uses kind clusters in its end-to-end tests.

Using Kind Locally

You should be able to make use of cert-manager's end-to-end test setup logic to create a local Kind cluster for development. As such, if you want a local cluster you might want to follow some of the details in the end-to-end test documentation.

If, though, you just want to get a cluster up and running with your local changes to cert-manager running inside kind, try the following:

make e2e-setup-kind e2e-setup-certmanager

Or, if you need a specific version of Kubernetes:

make K8S_VERSION=1.xx e2e-setup-kind e2e-setup-certmanager

That should leave you with a working cluster which you can interact with using kubectl!