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Great to See You!

Whether you're a previous contributor or a first timer looking to get involved, we love it when the community comes together to improve the project!

In this "contributing" section we document processes we follow as a project, and include some details on how to build, test and run cert-manager for development purposes.


All cert-manager meetings are open for everyone to join; if you have a question or a suggestion or just want to chat, please feel free to come along and get involved!

To get invites you can subscribe to our mailing list and you should receive calendar invites by mail shortly after joining. The complexities of calendars mean that some invites might be sent multiple times depending on your email and calendar providers and you might get some invites for past or future meetings which have been rescheduled or edited. Sorry about that!

We have 2 regular repeating meetings: our quick daily check-in and an hour-long community meeting every two weeks.

If you're having any issues joining our meetings, ensure that you're part of the cert-manager-dev Google group, and always feel free to ask in Slack for help!

🔰 All of our meetings happen on London (UK) time; you can add London to the world clocks on your phone to avoid confusion!

When daylight savings time changes in London might be different to when it changes for you if you live in a place that either doesn't have DST or which changes on a different schedule like North America or Australia!

Daily Check-In

Our daily check-in meetings happen on Google Meet at 10:30 London time every weekday.

The format is a 5 minute social chat, followed by a quick round-robin status report and ending with any longer form talking points.

The status report is a stand-up where we talk about work done yesterday, work coming up and highlight any blockers. We'll try to keep to a strict time limit during these status reports of around 1 minute per person.

Please don't be offended if someone steps in when you run out of time and moves the reports along to the next person – the idea is for everyone to be succinct so it's clear what's being worked on and who is blocked.

We finish with talking points, which are open-ended discussions on any topic related to cert-manager or its sub-projects. We'll ensure that anyone outside of the core maintainer team who has a talking point goes first.

Community Meetings

Our bi-weekly (i.e. every two weeks) community meetings happen on Zoom at 17:00 London time. You can look at the CNCF calendar to see when the next one will take place.

These meetings are an hour-long chat about cert-manager topics. It's a great way to get involved with contributing for the first time; to get answers to any questions you might have; or to propose a new feature which needs some explanation.

If you want to discuss something, please add it to the meeting notes before the meeting. The meeting chair will try to get to everything that was on the notes before the meeting started.

We try to record these meetings and put them on YouTube so they can be checked later – if you don't want to appear on video please keep your camera off!


We have two cert-manager channels on Kubernetes Slack which we use to chat:

  • cert-manager: for all users of cert-manager; use this one for any usage related questions
  • cert-manager-dev: for collaboration between cert-manager contributors and maintainers; please only use this for code related questions