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Release Notes

Patch Release v1.3.1

Bug and Security Fixes

  • A Helm upgrade bug was fixed, you should now able to upgrade from cert-manager 1.2 to 1.3 when --set installCRDs=true is used. This issue was due to a Helm bug with the minimum field on the CRDs.

Final Release v1.3.0

The 1.3 release prepares for the implementation of certificate issuance policies and adoption of the upstream Kubernetes CSR API. It also improves interoperability with HashiCorp Vault Enterprise. A slew of bugs have also been squashed.

Special thanks to the external contributors who contributed to this release:

Please read the upgrade notes before upgrading.

As always, the full change log is available on the GitHub release.

Deprecated Features and Breaking Changes

Venafi Cloud Issuer

This release updates the Venafi Cloud Issuer to use OutagePREDICT instead of DevOpsACCELERATE.

The only impact to Venafi Cloud users is the change in zone syntax. The zone is now <Application Name>\<Issuing Template Alias> (e.g. My Application\My CIT).

cert-manager controller

The --renew-before-expiration-duration flag has been removed from the cert-manager controller, having been deprecated in the previous release.

cert-manager CRDs

CertificateRequests are now immutable - the spec and metadata.annotations fields cannot be changed after creation. They were always designed to be immutable but this behavior is now enforced by the cert-manager webhook.

New Features

Policy Support Preparation

  • The design documentation for Certificate Identity is now available.
  • CertificateRequests now have identity fields mirroring the upstream Kubernetes CSR object.
  • CertificateRequests are now immutable.
  • CertificateRequests now have an Approval condition type, with Approved and Denied reasons.
  • The cert-manager controller currently always approves any CertificateRequest.
  • Added kubectl cert-manager [approve|deny] commands to the kubectl plugin.

cert-manager CRDs

  • CertificateRequests now support the revisionHistoryLimit field to limit the amount of retained history. The default is unlimited (nil).

Vault Enterprise

  • cert-manager now sends the X-VAULT-NAMESPACE header for the requestTokenWithAppRoleRef API call.

Bug Fixes

cert-manager Controller

  • Fixed an issue which could cause multiple CertificateRequests to be created in a short time for a single Certificate resource.
  • Certificate Readiness controller only updates a certificate's status if something has changed.

SelfSigned Issuer

  • The issuer now warns if you request a certificate with an empty subject DN - creating a certificate that is in violation of RFC 5280. Some applications will reject such certificates as invalid, such as Java's keytool.

Helm Chart

  • The targetPort used by the Prometheus service monitor is now correctly set from helm values.
  • The correct permissions are added to the aggregate edit role.

Other Changes

Repository Hygiene

  • now contains information on how to report security issues.
  • The language of has been updated to match existing copyright notices.


  • cert-manager now can be built with go 1.16 on Apple Silicon.
  • Docker images targets have been added to the Makefile.
  • Bazel v3.5.0 is required to build locally and to run tests.