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Upgrading from v1.2 to v1.3

Upgrade notes for users of the Venafi Cloud Issuer

This release updates the Venafi Cloud Issuer to use OutagePREDICT instead of DevOpsACCELERATE.

The only impact to Venafi Cloud users is the change in zone syntax. The zone is now <Application Name>\<Issuing Template Alias> (e.g. My Application\My CIT).


Venafi are currently transitioning Venafi Cloud users to the OutagePREDICT ("OP") product, from DevOpsACCELERATE ("DA"), which will be sunset later in 2021.

The Venafi Cloud Issuer in cert-manager relies upon the VCert library, and the VCert v4.13.0 release marks this "DA2OP" transition. The VCert module dependencies in cert-manager have been updated in order for cert-manager to complete the transition as well.

With this update, cert-manager users with Venafi Cloud issuers will need to be aware that the zone format changes from a UUID (DA Zone ID) to a string of the form <Application Name>\<Issuing Template Alias>. This means users will need to create an Application in OutagePREDICT and associate an Issuing Template with it (the same Issuing Templates assigned to DA Projects Zones can be used since Issuing Templates are shared between Venafi Cloud products).

Next Steps

You should now follow the regular upgrade process.