Below are a list of resources for contributing and developing both core and external cert-manager components:


Hello new or existing contributor! Welcome to our contributors documentation, this is the place where we document all our processes as well as how to compile, run and test cert-manager and all it’s components. This document sometimes can get out of date due to changes in the code and/or tooling. PRs to this part are also very welcome if you happen to find an out of date part.


All the cert-manager meetings are open for everyone to join. To get invites you can subscribe to our mailing list.

We have 2 regular repeating meetings:

You can check what time this is where you are using


We have two cert-manager channels on the Kubernetes Slack which we use to communicate:

  • cert-manager a general users channel, use this one for any usage related questions.
  • cert-manager-dev this is what the developers use to collaborate, please only use this for code related questions