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Upgrading from v0.14 to v0.15

New installCRDs addition

If you're using Helm to install cert-manager you now have the option installCRDs. This will let Helm install CRDs like other cluster resources. If you deployed cert-manager before do NOT use this option as it does not support upgrading from manually installed CRDs.

Note: If enabled, when uninstalling, CRD resources will be deleted causing all installed custom resources to be DELETED.

Removal of 00-crds.yaml file

As part of changes to the way we publish release artifacts, the 00-crds.yaml file is no longer made available as part of our repository.

You can now find the appropriate version of the CRD resources to install attached to the GitHub release. You will need to select the appropriate 'legacy' or full manifest variant depending on the Kubernetes or OpenShift version you are running.

From here on you can follow the regular upgrade process.