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Upgrading from v0.11 to v0.12

The focus of this release has been on stability and bug fixes, as well as overhauling and improving the documentation website. As such, there has been minimal changes that effect end users bar two changes which require action when upgrading.

After addressing the following points, you should then follow the standard upgrade process here.

Changes to the Vault Kubernetes Auth Mount Path

If you are using Kubernetes authentication for Vault Issuers then there has been a change to the required mount path. This value now requires the entire mount path. For example, if the previous path had been set to kubernetes, the new path will now require /v1/auth/kubernetes. You can read why this change was made here.

Removal of the Webhook API service

The Webhook component now no longer makes use of a Kubernetes APIService, and as such, should be removed. This action is only required if you have installed cert-manager using static manifests. The following command will delete the service and can be done before or after applying the upgrade.

$ kubectl delete apiservice