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Release Notes

This is the first release of cert-manager. It is currently still not in a production ready state, and features are subject to change.

Notable features:

  • Automated certificate renewal
  • ACME DNS01 challenge mechanism
    • CloudDNS
    • Route53
    • CloudFlare
  • ACME HTTP01 challenge mechanism
    • Should be compatible with all ingress controllers following ingress spec (GCE & NGINX tested)
  • Simple CA based issuance
    • Create an Issuer that references a Secret resource containing a signing key pair, and issue/renew certificates from that.
  • Cluster-wide issuers (aka ClusterIssuer)
  • Backed by CRDs
    • Events logged to the Kubernetes API
    • Status block utilized to store additional state about resources

Please check the README for a quick-start guide.

We really value any feedback and contributions to the project. If you'd like to get involved, please open some issues, comment or pick something up and get started!