Upgrading from v0.15 to v0.16

Issue with older versions of kubectl

kubectl versions with patch versions lower than v1.18.8 v1.17.11 or v1.16.14 have issues updating the v0.16 CRD files, due to a bug when handling deeply nested CRDs. This bug will make kubectl apply -f [...] hang.

This bug only happens during a re-apply of the v0.16 CRDs. Initial upgrade does not cause issues. If you have this issue please upgrade your kubectl to the latest patch release. Versions of kubectl of v1.15.x or below are not being supported anymore as these are unsupported by the Kubernetes community.


Helm users who use installCRDs=true should not upgrade to v0.16 until a Helm version built upon Kubernetes v1.19 or v1.18.8 is released. At time of writing a PR has been opened for this but is not yet released. This issue only affects v3.1+ however, we don’t currently advise using installCRDs=true

From here on you can follow the regular upgrade process.

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