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The following list contains all known cert-manager issuer integrations.

version used
in tutorial1
Released within
12 months2
Is Open Source
🥇acme-issuer (in-tree)📄ACMElatest✔️✔️
🥇venafi-enhanced-issuer📄Venafi TLS Protectv1.12.1✔️
🥈adcs-issuer📄Microsoft Active Directory
Certificate Service
🥈aws-privateca-issuer📄AWS Private Certificate Authority-✔️✔️
🥈ca-issuer (in-tree)📄CA issuer-✔️✔️
🥈command-issuer📄Keyfactor Command-✔️✔️
🥈google-cas-issuer📄Google Cloud Certificate
Authority Service
🥈gs-atlas-issuer📄GlobalSign CA-✔️✔️
🥈horizon-issuer📄EVERTRUST Horizon-✔️✔️
🥈ncm-issuer📄Nokia Netguard Certificate Manager-✔️✔️
🥈selfsigned-issuer (in-tree)📄Self-Signed issuer-✔️✔️
🥈step-issuer📄Certificate Authority server-✔️✔️
🥈tcs-issuer📄Intel's SGX technology-✔️✔️
🥈vault-issuer (in-tree)📄HashiCorp Vault-✔️✔️
🥈venafi-issuer (in-tree)📄Venafi TLS Protect-✔️✔️
🥉kms-issuer📄AWS KMS-✔️
🥉origin-ca-issuer📄Cloudflare Origin CA-✔️
  • The issuers are sorted by their tier and then alphabetically.
  • "in-tree" issuers are issuers that are shipped with cert-manager itself.
  • These issuers are known to support and honor approval.

If you've created an issuer which you'd like to share, raise a Pull Request to have it added here!

Issuer Tier system

The cert-manager project has a tier system for issuers. This is to help users understand the maturity of the issuer. The tiers are 🥇, 🥈 and 🥉.

NOTE: The cert-manager maintainers can decide to change the criteria and number of tiers at any time.

🥇 Tier (Production-ready)

  • 🥈 Tier criteria.
  • The issuer has an end-to-end tutorial on how to set it up with cert-manager for use in production. At the time of checking1, the used cert-manager version has to be still supported (see Supported Releases). An end-to-end tutorial must include:
    1. a short explanation on how to install cert-manager (including the used version and a link to
    2. all required steps to install the issuer
    3. an explanation on how to configure the issuer's Custom Resources
    4. an explanation on how to issue a certificate using the issuer (using a Certificate resource)

🥈 Tier (Maintained)

  • The issuer has had a release in the last 12 months (at the time of checking all issuers2).

🥉 Tier (Unmaintained)


Building New External Issuers

If you're interested in building a new external issuer, check the development documentation.


  1. checked on 12th of October 2023 2

  2. checked on 12th of October 2023 2