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Backup and Restore Resources

If you need to uninstall cert-manager, or transfer your installation to a new cluster, you can backup all of cert-manager's configuration in order to later re-install.

Backing up

To backup all of your cert-manager configuration resources, run:

$ kubectl get -o yaml \
--all-namespaces \
issuer,clusterissuer,certificates,certificaterequests > cert-manager-backup.yaml

If you are transferring data to a new cluster, you may also need to copy across additional Secret resources that are referenced by your configured Issuers, such as:

CA Issuers

  • The root CA Secret referenced by

Vault Issuers

  • The token authentication Secret referenced by issuer.spec.vault.auth.tokenSecretRef
  • The AppRole configuration Secret referenced by issuer.spec.vault.auth.appRole.secretRef

ACME Issuers

  • The ACME account private key Secret referenced by issuer.acme.privateKeySecretRef
  • Any Secrets referenced by DNS providers configured under the issuer.acme.dns01.providers and issuer.acme.solvers.dns01 fields.

Restoring Resources

In order to restore your configuration, you can simply kubectl apply the files created above after installing cert-manager.

$ kubectl apply -f cert-manager-backup.yaml

If you have migrated from an old cluster, you will need to make sure to run a similar kubectl apply command to restore your Secret resources too.