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Project Maturity

cert-manager has wide adoption in the Kubernetes community with it being in use in both production and non-production clusters.


The cert-manager API is currently at v1 and is stable.


cert-manager has a hard guarantee of compatibility with the current stable upstream Kubernetes version. Beyond this, cert-manager also aims to be compatible with versions down to N-4, where N is the current upstream version release. This means that if the current version is v1.20, cert-manager aims to be compatible with versions down to v1.16. This is done by running periodic end-to-end test jobs against each version of Kubernetes.

Versions lower than the current Kubernetes version down to N-4 is not guaranteed. Although considerations will be made to ensure compatibility with as many versions as possible, it is sometimes required to lose compatibility in the interest of furthering the feature set of cert-manager and making use of newer features available in upstream Kubernetes.

As of cert-manager version v1.2, the lowest Kubernetes version supported is v1.16.