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Prometheus Metrics

To help with operations and insights into cert-manager activities, cert-manager exposes metrics in the Prometheus format from the controller component. These are available at the standard /metrics path of the controller component's configured HTTP port.

Scraping Metrics

How metrics are scraped will depend how you're operating your Prometheus server(s). These examples presume the Prometheus Operator is being used to run Prometheus, and configure Pod or Service Monitor CRDs.


If you're deploying cert-manager with helm, a ServiceMonitor resource can be configured. This configuration should enable metric scraping, and the configuration can be further tweaked as described in the Helm configuration documentation.

enabled: true
enabled: true

Regular Manifests

If you're not using helm to deploy cert-manager and instead using the provided regular YAML manifests, this example PodMonitor should be all you need to start ingesting cert-manager metrics.

kind: PodMonitor
name: cert-manager
namespace: cert-manager
app: cert-manager cert-manager cert-manager "controller"
app: cert-manager cert-manager cert-manager "controller"
- port: http
honorLabels: true

Monitoring Mixin

Monitoring mixins are a way to bundle common alerts, rules, and dashboards for an application in a configurable and extensible way, using the Jsonnet data templating language. A cert-manager monitoring mixin can be found here Documentation on usage can be found with the cert-manager-mixin project.